Since 1987, custom metal parts have been our specialty. What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to integrate stamping, deep drawing and welding into one part. We supply metal forming processes and assembly service for large-scale enterprises. Our parts are widely sourced for the production of electrical appliances, automobiles, industrial machinery, water... ? ? ? ? ??[MORE]

Shandong Shengyang Equipment DepartmentLuyuan Water Purifying Equipment
Sales Department: 0534-5537555
The human resources department: 0534-5539701
Purchasing department: 0534-5212666
Address:Zhengyang Road ,Yinhe Economic Development Zone ningjin county,Dezhou City ,Shandong Province,China
Mail box:[email protected]
Shandong Shengning Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd 技術支持:萬企傳媒 站長統計:
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